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The Balboa Cleanse

The Balboa Cleanse

Every now and then, it just feels good to clean up your act. A juice cleanse is a great way to flood your body with all of the nutrition, antioxidants and energy it needs while you give your system a little break from all of the other stuff you put in it.

But don’t worry, “cleanse” isn’t another word for “starve.” You’ll actually be drinking the best part of over 20 lbs of fruits and vegetables every day. The pure, natural, energy- and nutrient-packed, toxin-hijacking, super-flavorful juice part.

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The Juices

1 ~ Breakfast

Start the day with a powerful blend of apple-sweetened, antioxidant-rich green veggies. Spinach, kale and parsley. Celery to kick your digestive system into gear and raise your body’s alkalinity. And refreshing, hydrating, free radical-scavenging cucumber. If there’s a better way to begin the day, let us know.

2 ~ Brunch

A potent, pineapple-sweetened punch of spinach and kale. This brunch is loaded with good stuff. Calcium, and phosphorous that helps your body absorb calcium and put it to work strengthening teeth and bones. Live, anti-inflammatory enzymes from the pineapple. And we top it all of with a spicy bite of ginger to give your immune system a boost.

3 ~ Lunch

Time for a nourishing, vitamin-packed serving of fragrant-fruit-and vegetable rocket fuel. Full of vitamin C, vision-protecting beta-carotene and lutein, and cancer-clobbering carotenoids from fresh carrots. And detoxifying, enzyme-stimulating, liver-protecting betaine and betalains from beets. Everything you need to cruise into the afternoon.

4 ~ Afternoon Snack

A spicy sweet shot of lemon, cayenne and honey. Bursting with the tasty tartness of antioxidant-rich lemons, this beverage will give your immune system another lift. A dash of cayenne adds just the right touch of heat and helps to burn fat by increasing your metabolism. And a drizzle of honey that adds just the right amount of sweetness and stimulates B-lymphocytes and T-lymphocytes, which is also good for your immune system.

5 ~ Dinner

Dig into a hearty, healthy blend of phytonutrient-packed greens with a sweet kick of apple. The natural pectin from the apples is a soluble fiber that will keep things in your digestive system flowing as you near the end of the day.

6 ~ Dessert

Actually, this beverage is a healthy, protein-packed after-dinner snack, but it tastes like dessert. Made with fresh almond milk, natural vanilla bean and a touch of honey, this satisfying blend will give your body one last delicious-tasting shot of protein and minerals that your body needs at the end of the day.

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